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GHMC 24x7 Grievance Cell: 155304

Citizens can reach the call centre number from any service provider,
Hyderabad | 1st January 2013
The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has launched a 24x7 call centre for grievance redressal. The cell, to be situated at the CMTC building at Banjara Hills, will operate with the number "155304".

Addressing a press conference on Monday, GHMC Mayor Mohammad Majid Hussain and Commissioner M T Krishna Babu said that citizens can reach the call centre number from any service provider, including both landline and mobile numbers.

"The call centre will operate with six seats in each shift, and can be expandable to 10 seats in each shift. The call center can take 60 concurrent calls at any given point of time," it was announced.

The Commissioner said that the call centre would register all types of grievances and provide end-to-end redressal and follow-up with the officers concerned at various levels.

It will have two PRIs with 60 channels live to handle call centre calls, and one additional PRI with 30 channels to handle redundancy.

The data connectivity is through Intranet with a speed of 2 Mbps, and the facility will also have a 24x7 power backup.

Apart from this call centre, grievances can be registered through three other mediums. Citizens can lodge complaints through the website, through the eSeva number on 1100, and during the GHMC's Face2Face programme with citizens. Further, grievances registered through VIPs, including MPs, MLAs, MLCs and corporators, will also be registered with the call centre.

The Mayor and Commissioner said they would personally monitor the functioning of the call centre, which, they claim, is being operated by professional and "highly qualified" personnel. (INN)
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Y laxmi narasimha Reddy on 19th Oct 2020, 7:30pm | Permalink
Sir we have water problem.grom 2days we don't little water daily we carrying our from other streets .our street is 7temple street near good shepherd high school,Sanjay Gandhi Nagar,jeedimetla, Hyderabad
Damodar on 15th Oct 2020, 8:40am | Permalink
I am unable to make a this number working??
G Vittal reddy on 15th Oct 2020, 7:29am | Permalink
Iam at Nallakunta fever hospital chowrastha 2-1-341/16 Canara bank premises pebbles are a big whole on the road so we cannot enter bank premises as we are facing lot of difficulty to enter bank
Ranjan Bhaskar on 13th Oct 2020, 10:52pm | Permalink
Hi Sir,

I am the resident of Janardhana Apartments, Uttam Nagar, Safilguda, whenever there is heavy rain our cellar is filled due to no proper outage for the road water. Just a simple speed breaker and an outlet towards the under ground bridge will help. Please take action as soon as possible sir. All our vehicles are getting damaged due to this issue.

Ranjan Bhaskar
9399964515/ 7798911411
AlankarJain on 13th Oct 2020, 10:48am | Permalink
I'm a resident of Road no.4 Banjara hills, this road is having multiple problems of Overflowing drainage & Damaged road, where the road is not laid properly causing many accidents, Presently due to drainage pipe breakage on the road the water is entering our Apartment through the cellar due to drainage pipe broken, we are unable to bear the stink and mosquitoes are enormous, we are scared that our children & elderly will suffer from Dengue , I have registered complaint but no action is being taken.
Madhavi on 12th Oct 2020, 9:22am | Permalink
In my area so many people are living but many people falls her wastage into the walking road it's looks like a very bad and smell comes out in this 2 schools are there children are affected with that smell please kindly arrange dustbin and cleaning should be done once a week in staff pls clean everyday and arrange dustbin and save many children life's
Address:New vidyanagar colony near little scholar school neerdmet
Ram Kumar on 8th Oct 2020, 4:14pm | Permalink
Mettuguda modys compound NALA besides Kings George Church, creating a big mess with tons of garbage piled up. No officials have taken up this issue seriously... This is creating lots of mosquito menace along with many diseases.. request concerned official to look into this and this TONs of garbage removed... It's been almost more than 3years since this garbage removed. Suggest to remove the wall constructed on the NALA which connects way to modys church and Mettuguda.
I see no one is responding on these complaints...
Smt M Rohini 9440052325 on 5th Oct 2020, 10:55am | Permalink
Dear Sir,
I smt M Rohiniresiding at 30-265/50/59 ,having mobile Number 9440052325,and TIN 1170809720. The property tax dues have been completely cleared and the account is uptodate.. But we are getting the message on the same mobile number for the tin number 1170402568 on the name of mr. Jay prakash with same door number 30-265/50/59 that dues. exists on that door number.

We have purchased the house from mr. Jayprakash with door no. 30-265/22 which has been subsequently changed to 30-265/50/59 very long back.i.e 15 to 20 yrs.
Therefore you are requested to kindly consider the case and forward to the concerned authority for rectification to the extent removing the phone number from tin number 1170402568 and close the tin number 1170402568 from the same door number as i think the same door number may not have two door numbers.

Thanking you and expecting no future tax problems after the rectification and reply to the mail regarding the details required if any and rectification

M Rohini
mob 9440052325
30-265/50/59 pragati nagar,
Dr A S Rao Nagar
Hyderabad 500062
L Jyothi on 3rd Oct 2020, 11:36am | Permalink
Sir,I have made property tax online payment for PTI no 1160505030 through my credit card but receipt & sms not reflected back.My mobile no 9704511481
Yousuf on 2nd Oct 2020, 3:09pm | Permalink
The Commissioner,
GHMC, Hyderabad.

Subject: illegal Acquiring Road with Scrap Shop Since 25years


This is kindly inform you that in Mallepally Habeeb Nagar Opp to Sara Dairy Farm One Scrap Shop is accruing complete road I request you please send Govt Official early morning 7-8am in between. Due to this person road is getting block many people getting trouble

Thank you
Srinivas chary on 2nd Oct 2020, 11:11am | Permalink
This is kindly inform you that foot path is made for people to walk or bike parking area thats why you made for tiles
Where is the pedestrian area
See the road sarojini devi road
Thank you
P.Hanmanth Rao on 1st Oct 2020, 5:49pm | Permalink
The Zonal Commissioner
Circle No.12 Mehandipatnam
Khairthabad Zone
Telangana State

Sub: - As per RTI 2005 information report given -Mr. Soma Ashok Kumar resident - H. No. 12-1-657 Asifnagar Hyderabad - constructed adjacent House -Middle of the Road - interence -Yardage Bathe Asifnagar Hid- blocking straight road - illegal- unauthorized construction -provide straight road - incontinence -move vehicles near to houses- take action-Regret-Req.

-------- x-------
Ref: -1). My Online Complaint dated 27-5-2-18, 8-09-2018&5-10- 2018
2). My written Complaint letter Addressed to Dy Commissioner and Asst, City Planner Mehandipatnam GHMC Circle 12(7) Khairthabad Hyd. T.S. Dated 29-10- 2018, 27-12-2019, 14-02-2019, 23-04-2019, 26-06-2919 and 26-8-2019.

3). RTI Letter addressed to City Planner Circle 12(7A) GHMC Khairthabad Hyd Telangana State.
4) .Lr.No.657 /RTI/Cir/TPS/GHMC/2019.Dated 06-01-2019 of the PIO/ Asst. City Planner, Circle 12 GHMC Khairthabad Zone GHMC Hyderabad. T.S.
5) .Lr.No.657/RTI/C12/TPS/GHMC/2020,Dt.21-01-2020 of the PIO/Asst. City Planner , Circle 12 GHMC .Khairthabad Zone GHMC Hyderabad. T.S
6). My representation letter dated 06-02-2020 and 10-02-2020
Sir, -----x--------
I invite your kind attention to the reference 1 st cited and request to take suitable action on the illegal and unauthorized construction on the middle of the road at the enterence of the Yadawe Basthi Asifnagar Hyderabad Telangana State .As stated in the RTI 2005 information furnished in the reference 4th ans 5th cited. as shown below.
On my request through the RTI 2005 application addressed to the Asst.City Planner Circle No 12 Mehandipatnam Khairthabad Zone GHMC has issued Information on the 3rd reference as under.
The Assistant City Planner Circle No 12 Mehandhipatnam GHM Khairthabad Zone Hyderabad in his RTI 2005 information addressed to me through the reference 4th and 5th cited. ( Xerox copy enclosed )
The Asst.City Planner has stated on reference 4 th cited dated 06-12-2019 . As it is to inform that Sri Soma Ashok Kumar owner of the building adjacent to the premises bearing H.No.12-1-657 situated at Asifnagar Road circle No.12 Mehandipatnam has constructed Ground and First floor Building unauthorizedly and illeagally and further it is to inform you that suitable action will be taken as per MCH Act.1955.
And second information furnished on reference 5 th cited dated 21-1-2020. It is informed that Town planning has searched the record for the construction details of the building of Sri Soma Ashok Kumar owner of the building adjacent to the premises H.No.12-1-657 at Asifnagar ,Circle No.12 Mehandipatnam ,and observed that there is not trace any records .Further it is inform that the Sri Soma Ashok Kumar has constructed building with ground and first floor illegally and unauthorizedly and further action will be taken as per the HMC act 1955.
Further The PIO/Asst.City Planner has requested to provide necessary information (as in Xerox copies ) on the above said illegal and unauthorized construction on the middle of the road ,which is enterence of the Yawada Basthi ,Asifnagar Hyderabad by Mr .Soma Ashok kumar Adjacent to the house bearing H.No.12-1-657 Asifnagar Hyderabad
As per the request of the PIO / Asst, City Planner I have submitted two letters addressed to the Asst.City planner on dated 05-02-2020 and 6-02-2020 along with Xerox copies of the color photos of the illegal and un authorized construction on the middle of the road ,which is ydawe Basthi area Asifnagar Hyderabad Telangana State.,and mentioned along with surrounding description of the area preventing enterence of the residents of the Motor Cars Vehicles and Ambulances move near to their houses of the Yadaw Basthi Asifnagar Hyderabad .
But till date no action is initiated as per the HMC Act 1955. As stated in your reference against the illegal and unauthorized constructed building with ground and first floor illegal on the middle of the Road preventing straight Road to the interence of the Yadawe Basthi Asifnagar Hyderabad. Which is adjacent to the H.No.12-1-657 Asifnagar Hyderabad
As per the Supreme court of India Jugjement stated as shown below.
1) . Illegal Constriction
2). Obstruction on public Road.
1. Illegal construction Violate of Rule o f Law .It shows secant respect for the legal norms by citizens and failure of the state to enforce the law.
The Supreme Court of India in a series of Judgment Has delta with the Problem of illegal Constructions And gave direction for their demolition In this case .The Suprim Court of India has shows no tolerance for Illegal Construction
Case Law of
( K Ramdas Shenoy ,V. Chief officer .Town Municipal Council , Virender Gaur V state of Haryana 2 pleasant stay Hotel V. Padmini Hills conservation Council 3. Contonment Board Jabalpur ,VSN
Hence I request you sir Kindly take the suitable action as per above said judgment demolish the building that has been constructed unauthorisedly and illegally on the middle of the road as stated in RTI information furnished in your reference 4th and 5th cited which is lead to straight road to Yadawe Basthi Asifnagar Hyderabad and request to kindly provide facility public to move all vehicular traffic and park the cars near to their houses form the straight road and oblige .
Encl: ( - ) Pages
Dated: 01 - 10-2020 Thanking you sir

Corresponding Address
H.No12-1-698 ( P. Hanmanth Rao )
Asifnagar, Hyderabad -28
Telangana State cell No.8333085257

Submitted for information and necessary action.
1) The commissioner (Central) GHMC Tank band Road Hyderabad Telangana State.
2) Dy. Commissioner GHMC circle 12(7A) Khairthabad Hyderabad. Telangana State.
3). Asst.City Planner Cirxle no 12(A) Mehandipatnam GHMC Khairthabad Hyderabad Telangana state.
Ajay on 1st Oct 2020, 4:37pm | Permalink
Near chikoti garden ther is bandi on footh path
Is this area for business on footpaths.
M Nageshwara Rao Naidu on 30th Sep 2020, 9:18pm | Permalink
In Namalagundu area Opposite to the Sreedevi Nursing Home a new cement road was laid two months back. The part of the excavated earth was leftover and the rain water is stagnating on the road. Also we are finding it difficult to come out of our house due to non removal of leftover excavated earth. We therefore request you to kindly take immediate action in advising the contractor for removal of leftover excavated earth.
With regards
LMM Group on 30th Sep 2020, 6:35pm | Permalink
To, Date: 28 September 2020

The Zonal Commissioner GHMC

Charminar Zone, Sardar Mahal Hyderabad, Telangana,


CC: ACP GHMC Circle -6,

Subject: Encroachment and Illegal Construction by Neighbor (Harmony Height Apartment (16-3-444/2) Chanchalguda.

Dear Sir,

Greeting from LMM Group,

Further to the attached letters related to land Encroachment and Illegal Construction by Harmony Height Apartment (16-3-444/2) Chanchalguda Opposite to Mehboobia Masjid. No action has been taken by GHMC till now, despite of several reminders since 24th December 2019.

· Constructed Building without any set back .

· Steel Grills and Balconies which are touching the house (H.N.O: 16-3-441 ) of our member, Senior Citizen and Cancer patient Mr. Syed Abdullah Khusroo (70 Plus age)

· Forcefully constructed watchman room on the wall of our member house H.N.O: 16-3-441 and passage

Delaying resolution of any request from Senior Citizen aged 70 plus mere violation of directive of Supreme Court ruling and efficient government of Telangana.

Please contact Mr. Syed Shahabuddin: 6281392825 for more details. We request your good self once again to instruct concern to take necessary action immediately.

Thanks & Best Regards

Dr. Syed Ali Dilawer (Farrukh)
President LMM Group
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